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Send Citrix Director alerts to Slack via Octoblu

Getting Hooked

Citrix released XenDesktop 7.11 this week which brings a fantastic feature where alerts can be sent to webhooks.  Director now allows you to create alerts based on a variety of metrics and then send those alerts to a specific webhook when the threshold is met.  (Who needs email alerts??)  The main use documented by Citrix is for Octoblu, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for anything that has some REST capability like VMware Orchestrator, AWS Lambda, RES Automation...  This post will go over a simple alert based on CPU and then send that alert to a Slack channel with information on the alert.


What you'll need.

  • Octoblu account
  • Slack account and access to integrations
  • Access to Citrix director and DDC with XenDesktop 7.11 installed

  • Octoblu

  • Let's start with the basic configuration of the Octoblu workflow and grabbing the needed webhook URL used with director.  Lay out the workflow in a similar manner to the screenshot below.  I usually throw the debug switch on everything for troubleshooting.
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