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SQL 2014 Availability Group with Windows 2016 Cloud Witness

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Feature Install

  1. Let's start with installing the necessary features on each of the Windows 2016 servers
    features 01
  2. Repeat this process on each server node

Create Cluster

  1. Log on to the first node with domain admin or an account that has access to create computer objects
  2. From server manager launch the newly installed 'Failover Cluster Manager'
    create 01
  3. Select 'Create Cluster'
    create 02
  4. The wizard will now run
    create 03
  5. Enter the names of the nodes that you would like to participate.  In the screenshot only two nodes are added but feel free to add the third. (I go over adding additional nodes in a later section)
    create 04
  6. Run through the validation tests
    create 05
    create 06
    create 07
    create 08
  7. Enter an IP address that the cluster will use for each subnet.  And choose a name for the cluster (this will create a computer object).
    create 009
    create 10
  8. Continue to hit next and verify there are no errors.

 Create Cloud Witness

  1.  From 'Failover Cluster manager' launch 'Configure Cluster Quorum Settings...'
    configure 01
  2. The configuration wizard will start
    configure 02
  3. 'Select the quorum witness'
    configure 03
  4. Configure a cloud witness
    configure 04
  5. Enter in the Azure account name and API key
    configure 05 
  6. Select next to finish the wizard
    configure 06
  7. Cluster is now configured!  You should see a new container within Azure.
    azure 03