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SQL 2014 Availability Group with Windows 2016 Cloud Witness

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Follow these steps to add an additonal replica to your availablity group

Add node to failover cluster

First need to add the additonal node to the failover cluster.

  1. Launch 'failover cluster manager' from the primary node. and select 'Add Node'
    addnode 01
  2. Enter the name of the additional node
    addnode 001
  3. Continue to hit 'next' and verify successful add
  4. If the additional node is in another subnet the cluster will need an IP in that new subnet so continue on.  If the node is in the existing subnet skip to the "Add Replica to Availability Group" section.
  5. Go to properties of the cluster name under the 'Cluster Core Resources' section
    addnode 002
  6. Select 'Add'
    addnode 003
  7. Enter the IP in the new subnet
    addnode 004
  8. Hit OK twice and agree to warning
    addnode 005

Add Additonal Subnet IP to AG Listener

The IP from the new subnet must exist on the listener before adding to the AG

  1. From SQL studio right click on the 'Availability Group Listener'
  2. Select 'Add'
    addiplis 01
  3. Enter a unique IP in the new subnet of the node
    addiplis 02
  4. Ht OK

Add Replica to Availability Group

Now that the listener is configured and server member of the cluster it can be added to the AG

  1. From SQL studio right click on the Availability Group and select properties
    addrep 001  
  2. Connect to the secondary replicas with service account and hit next
    addrep 002
  3. Select 'Add Replica'
    addrep 003

  4. Enter in new replica server name and hit connect

  5. Select Synchronous
    addrep 004
  6. Enter in the network share used earlier in the process
    addrep 005
  7. Verify 'validation' process is successful
  8. Continue with any prompts
  9. Replica should now appear 'Green'
    addrep 006