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Send Pushbullet Note via VMware Orchestrator

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Send Pushbullet Notes

Pushbullet is a great tool to use for alerting of a variety of scenarios.  If you haven't looked at it before I highly recommend it and beats the heck out of email alerts.  For example if I wanted to be alerted of a completed workflow or even an error in a workflow Pushbullet is a perfect solution.  Alerts can be sent to one or multiple devices all at once.  By leveraging the HTTP-REST plugin with Orchestrator this becomes very easy.  Lets get started with a simple example on creating a workflow than can be then utilized in others.


Get Token

You'll need your access token for Pushbullet that will be used for authentication.  You can find your token by logging into Pushbullet and going to "Settings\Account" and making note.