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Send Pushbullet Note via VMware Orchestrator

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Sciptable Task

Now we will add a scriptable task to place the content in format to be used with pushbullet


We are going to bind our inputs we created earlier

Now we will bind our output variable

Now for the actual script we use to convert to a string to send to Pushbullet.


convertme ={"type": "note","title":pbtitle,"body":pbbody};
var outstringnote = JSON.stringify(convertme);


Add REST Operation to Workflow

Now we will add the REST operation we created earlier

Your workflow should look like this so far

Now select the "Setup" button in the upper right to setup the bindings.

Select the operation we created earlier

All the params can be "skipped" and select the value for defaultContenttype

Enter application\json and hit ok

And select promote