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vRA Update Errors When Reducing Appliance CPU and RAM

If you run a lab or a small vRealize Automation environment chances are you reduced the appliance VM resources from 4 vCPU and 18 GB of RAM to something smaller.  For example in my lab I reduced to 2 vCPU and 8 GB of RAM which works just fine.  Problem is when I attempt an upgrade for the vRA appliance from Build 3311738 to Build 3622989 I get the below error.

vra error

Number of processing units should be increased to 4 (4 virtual CPU x 1 cores). - Memory should be increased to 18 GB.

I found the script with these pre-install checks and edited to reflect my setup here: /etc/bootstrap/preupdate.d/00-00-va-resources-check

LINE 14 where I adjusted the vCPU

# Checking available processing units
if [ "${proc}" -lt 2 ]; then
error=$' - Number of processing units should be increased to 4 (4 virtual CPU x 1 cores).\n'

LINE 20 where I adjusted the RAM

# Checking for physical operating memory - decrease the actual reported MemTotal with around 1% to allow some tolerance
mem=$(grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo | sed 's/[^0-9]//g')
if [ ${mem} -lt 8000 ]; then
error=${error}$' - Memory should be increased to 18 GB.\n'

I was then able to successfully update

vamicli update --check
vamicli update --install latest --accepteula
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Send Pushbullet Note via VMware Orchestrator

Send Pushbullet Notes

Pushbullet is a great tool to use for alerting of a variety of scenarios.  If you haven't looked at it before I highly recommend it and beats the heck out of email alerts.  For example if I wanted to be alerted of a completed workflow or even an error in a workflow Pushbullet is a perfect solution.  Alerts can be sent to one or multiple devices all at once.  By leveraging the HTTP-REST plugin with Orchestrator this becomes very easy.  Lets get started with a simple example on creating a workflow than can be then utilized in others.

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